I was a hyper-alert, first child — always on guard for what was next. As one might guess, constant fight-or-flight gets old.

When my wife and I started Nuf Said, I still had an anxious state of mind.

Through therapy, meditation and faith, I now truly enjoy this game we’re playing — with the occasional pandemic and all.

I love to pray for clients. I love to believe everything will turn out as it should. I love to WAIT to see what’s next.

Peace y’all.

191.6 lbs

July 27, 2022

If you’re wondering what the heck the Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In is, I’ve been posting my weight on the Internet since launching the first Nuf Said site in the 90s. Without this discipline, I would be a much larger gentleman. I’m aiming for 185. Wish me luck. FYI: My strategy is counting calories via Lose It! and 16-hour intermittent fasting.